Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Experiment

Problem- will the Pepsi plant and water plant did not grow
Background Knowledge
Hypothesis-That the Pepsi plant will grow.
Materials- Pepsi,Water,2cups,2beans White or Brown,Scale,Graduate cylinder, Dropper,pencil,paper.

1.Gather all materials.
2.Get two paper cups with soil and measure it.
3.Get two beans and measure it too.
4.Place the beans inside the cups.
5.Measure the water in place it in the cup of beans.
6.Do the same thing to you're other soda or liquid.
7.Then place it in a table.
8.Make a chart Monday though Friday.
9.When you came to school recode what happens to it our plants.
10.Then water and soda your plants.
11.Repeat step 9 and 10.

Experiment-Grown Beans
Collect Data-Chart
Conclusion-None grow
Question for Extensions-What will happen if we mixed Pepsi and water together in one plant.

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